There are about 40 miles of roads in our Community. There are portions of pavement, gravel and dirt tracks. Keeping the roads in good condition is a challenge given the amount of rainfall and our limited budget.

The 2017-18 Mandatory Road Maintenance Assessment (MRMA) fee is $200. These road fees are approved annually by the Board of Directors and by Membership mail-in ballot vote.


Fiscal year 2017-18 — funding for regular and ongoing maintenance of our unpaved side roads has been recommended by the Road Maintenance Committee (RMC) and approved by the Board of Directors (BOD).  This maintenance includes servicing over 30 miles of roadway by fully insured and skilled contractors — grading, opening natural drainages and adding fill materials where needed. With the anticipated 2017-18 funds, the plan is to service all unpaved side roads up to 3 times during this fiscal year.

Please note, the Paving plan had been postponed back in June 2011 and replaced by a Chip-Seal repair fund, that fund was initiated at that time by then OLCA Secretary, Ralph Boyea.

The Chip-Seal maintenance fund was finally utilized in 2015 to seal coat all chip-sealed roadways, 3.6 miles total — as designated in the June 2011 newsletter proposal and ballot. Chip-sealing was completed November 2015.

The OLCA membership recently approved a $200 MRMA with a least $50 towards asphalt paving. Back in 2016 about one-half mile of the worst sections of roadways near the intersection of 40th Ave and Pohaku Drive were engineered, built-up and paved. The Paving plan for the 2017-18 is dependent on 2017-18 funding.
Unpaved Main Access Roadways to be asphalt paved could include:
650′ on upper Pohaku Drive.
Laniuma Drive from 39th to 40th Ave.
lllima Drive from 36th to 37th

For the latest updates on current OLCA road projects, click on RMC Minutes and/or Board Minutes.

Please note:
The RMC is NOT responsible for garbage, dead animals and/or abandoned vehicle removal.

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