2019-20 Road Maintenance Committee

RMC CHAIR/ Foreman: Sky Platt 

John Erickson

Frederic (Ric) Wirick

Doug Anderson

2019-20 Community Lot/ Social Committee

Co-chairs: Merlin Foreman and Sharon Walker

Addition members: Caroline Dunlap

Board liaison: Jeremai Cann

(From our former chairperson Beth Wewers and the thoughts of our new co-chairs)


As the new social committee chairperson, I personally would like to bring peace, harmony, and unity to our place in paradise called Orchidland Estates. Here is where our home is, and why not get involved? Do you believe in making our community a better place? My vision is to create a team with this in mind as well, to bring fellowship to our community, to encourage members to become an active asset to our neighborhood and unite in brother and sisterhood. Have positive viewpoints. Share the fun of meeting new friends in our neighborhood.

Aloha & Mahalo, Beth

2019-20 Community Lot Development Committee

Chairperson: Norman Kauahi

Vice chairperson: Lloyd Swierenga

Secretary: Frederic Wirick

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