Critical Issues: OLCA Member Participation

Our community was organized back in the 1950s as a 501 C 4 non profit. What that means is that we are wholly member owned and run. The membership has the responsibility to keep a firm grip on the management and control of the association’s affairs. Membership participation has been dwindling in no small part due to a legal wrangle between competing association organizations that was settled in court in 2019. Your elected Board of Directors as listed at are the legitimate leadership of OLCA. On the board we have a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, a Roads and Maintenance Chairperson, and 3 board directors. We meet every third Tuesday of the month on Zoom. We conduct the business of the OLCA based on a prescribed Agenda and report out to the community using OLCA Minutes posted on the website. And….WE NEED YOU TO JOIN US. Our status as a non profit requires member support and participation. Nearly half the BOD are coming to term limits and will no longer be able to serve as your representatives. If the number of leaders decreases to a certain level, we run the risk of violating our charter. This can lead to the OLCA being disbanded. Please consider attending an online meeting and see for yourself what we are doing. And then… JOIN US!