Critical Issues: MRMA / Association Dues Recovery Action by BOD

The OLCA Board of Directors have had to take aim at the very high MRMA default rate by owners and commercial tenants. To recover the more than $850,000 owed the directors have initiated a debt collection process that will begin May 1, 2023. Letters of Demand will be sent out to the 522 owners who have been in arrears for 2-3 years with payment within 90 days. For the 579 owners who have owed from 4-6 years, property liens will be submitted to the Bureau of Conveyance for the amount of the debt. As a courtesy, an Intention to Lien letter will be sent to each giving opportunity to settle their account. All debtor accounts will be reviewed quarterly to track progress toward reduction of debt. The board made this decision in order to stimulate revenue for ongoing budget expenses that overwhelmingly are spent on improving and managing our roads. And, to set in motion the collection of owed funds for the future when delinquent owners sell their properties. It should be noted that MRMA Association dues debt was capped at 6 years by a court ruling. Some owners have owed for much longer.