Legal Information

The following recording is from the “membership meeting” the Arthurs group held on November 18, 2017, which was also attended by the Special Master (SM), Nancy Cabral. Although the Arthurs group claim they are the OLCA Board, they admit during this meeting to not having paid their MRMA’s, which makes them ineligible to be board members. SM Cabral failed to mention this important fact in her “report” to the Court. After the real OLCA Board, your board, filed their objections to SM Cabral’s biased report (see OLCA Defendants Objections to Plaintiffs recent motion seeking receivership of OLCA), Ms. Cabral declined to bill you for her “services”.


Fair warning, this recording is nearly 2 hours and twenty minutes long. If you want to just hear the SM you can fast forward to the SM Cabral show when she is introduced at 1 hour-34 minutes-23 seconds.