Critical Issues: Use of Roads and Services by Commercial Entities

The community has ONE commercial operation that pays annual MRMA dues. All the commercial operations on Orchidland Drive – including the hardware store, grocery store, gas station, small and large restaurants, churches, all the commercial delivery trucks, and the County of Hawaii – pay nothing. They pay nothing in spite of the OLCA Boards repeated requests. Your board is looking on how to rectify even while the Orchidland Drive intersection continues to degrade and embarrass. Your MRMA dues, when available, pay for all repairs at present. This includes Pohaku Drive as well. Note that when Pohaku Drive was paved right through to 40th Ave. the County instituted bus service that very day. All these major arterial community entrance issues – caused by commercial/county usage – are major engineering projects that require Hawaii County attention. Other issues lacking various agency attention are water access, electricity, phone service, services for the disabled, police patrols, and emergency services. The OLCA Board needs your input.